Seasonal change can be refreshing and challenging to any workout regimen. Weather changes can help brighten moods or can cause havoc with your sleep at night. Many can find it difficult to get out of bed for their morning workout when it is dark and cold outside or even when it is a sunny, perfect day hear the call of friends for drinks on the patio! The key is sticking to the routine, being consistent. When the weather outside is causing you to curl up to a good book vs. taking your normal run outside, take a moment to check out these tips to get your sneakers laced up and out the door.

  1. Change up the timing: Is it possible that it is just too cold in the morning and the morning frost is not off the ground but if you waited could you go for a walk or run in the later afternoon? If you normally workout in the evenings but are finding it difficult to make it to the gym in the dark, winter months, consider switching to the mornings. Same principle when it’s too hot in the summer months opt for a cooler time period. Check in on the timing of your workout to best manage changing temperatures and seasons.
  2. Switch it up: Changes in the seasons can actually be a good reminder that you need to change up the routine. Often we can get stuck in the routine of the same workout over and over because it’s what we know, but changing it up based on the seasons can make a positive impact on getting results. If it is nice outside, take the workout outdoors, soak up the sun and use your surroundings as your personal gym. If it is too hot or too cold, heading to the gym is always a good idea to sneak in a workout.
  3. Have a go to routine: You should always have a go to workout routine that can be done anytime, anywhere, no matter the season. A solid core exercise routine should be a staple in your arsenal to combat any weather delay. Make sure you have a combo of cardio, core and strength work along with stress relief so there is no excuse to not get a workout in.
  4. Get the right gear: Invest in proper workout gear for the seasons. If you do not want to lose some of your outdoor workouts then make sure you are prepared with the right athletic wear. Having the right clothes from head to toes can really help power you right through the changing seasons making sure you don’t miss a beat.
  5. Join a group challenge: Help your commitment to keeping up your exercise goals by considering joining a group workout challenge. There are plenty of free challenges online, on fitness apps or you can pay a fee to join a race or a local gym member challenge. If you are not seeing one that motivates you customize one for yourself and ask other fitness minded friends and colleagues to join yours.

You do not have to dramatically change your workout routine due to the seasonal changes but small tweaks can help you continue with your best foot forward to your fitness goals. Remember that changing seasons can be a good time to reflect on your routine and be a good reminder to check in on your fitness goals. If you love to working outside then continue to try to do that, but if you find yourself in need of motivation, advice or a new seasonal routine I am always here to help.