I always find it baffling when one of my clients works hard all year long, then summer hits and all of the goals they have been striving for gets derailed with summer plans and events. Why work it out in the gym, put in the time/effort and then not keep up with the fitness goals because you have summer travel scheduled? There is no reason to put your healthy lifestyle on hold because it is summer. Check out these suggestions on how to not skip a beat and continue to see results. 

Get outside! This is the time of year that we can fit in extra workouts and enjoy the longer sunny hours. Walk the dog, play basketball in the driveway with the kids, meet up with a friend for a run, head to an outdoor pool or lake and go swimming. There are little extra ways you can fit in more exercise by utilizing the outdoors. However, make sure you are staying hydrated if the day is hot. 

Find balance. Typically summer is jammed packed with graduations, weddings, BBQ’s and vacations. It is a fun-filled busy couple of months with a lot of temptations to veer you off course so have a plan and stick to your goals. Don’t wing it. If your summer plans take you away from your normal routine then set a reminder to get a 30 minute run before your day starts on vacation for example. Keep yourself accountable. 

Focused workouts. Time flies in the summer so if time gets tight do 20-30 minute focused workouts targeting key areas that you want to see improvement on. You do not have to do a long workout every day. Often lofty goals like that will only lead to disappointment if you do not meet them. 

Enjoy your food. Instead of restricting yourself at a special event, focus on smaller portions. Moderation is key! You can have carbs if you balance it with healthier foods. There are so many fresh fruits and veggies this time of year so this is the time to choose them at their finest. Load up on them vs. processed food that didn’t start from the earth. 

Beware of summer beverages. This time of year is filled with sugary adult drinks. All that extra sugar in your diet in not worth it. There are many healthy alternatives or “skinny” cocktails that you can still enjoy and not feel guilty about later. Check out one of my past holiday drinking blogs for some ideas. 

Don’t give up. Mistakes can happen, we are all human and none of us are perfect. If you happen to slip up, move on. Pick yourself back up and get back on track. Find your balance, focus on the workouts, remind yourself of the goals you want to obtain and enjoy these summer months.