Welcome to the digital age if you were not aware that we are here and in it for the likely long future. This is an age where shopping online vs in a store is becoming more common for a lot of people. Where we can easily search online for lyrics of a song we just heard to what the latest fashion trend happening in NYC is. We live in a world that everything we do online is tracked, monitor and stored from our spending habits to credit card purchases to the search we recently did on the best of this or that. All of this online presence has created a beast in our midst, a real problem that I see occuring in the fitness world every day. We are targeted and bombarded by online trends like no carb diets, pop-a-pill plans, the greatest shake meal replacement and the ultimate online workout program via the latest new hot and upcoming fitness app. We also participate in the rise of the social media fitness star, whose followers are in the 100-thousand and growing. Who by the way for $49.95 will build a custom workout program made for you specifically so you can achieve their flawless physique and chiseled abs.

As much as I look forward to your next workout selfie let’s take a minute to really think about these trends and how they affect you and your success. Online workout programs customize by the you-know-who of fitness is most likely a genetic workout that is being sold over and over in 3-5 different varieties. Honestly, I would challenge that this person did not even develop the program originally or that someone behind the screen or even more likely an algorithm is actually programmed to give you a workout based on the 5 questions you just told it about you.

I would love for this to be easy to stay fit and tone up the areas you want by drinking two shakes a day but let’s be real. We all know better. We all have a story about a person that your mom knows that had success drinking some ketones or doing the master cleanse but when you tried it did nothing. Maybe you were a lucky one that lost a chunk of pounds but the minute you went back to normal eating you gained 10+. The reality is this is because we are all different, we all need specialization to accomplish our fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. You need an expert that knows you personally. That you can see face to face and talk to directly about your goals. Enters a real human – a personal trainer can give you the one-on-one guidance that you need to really chase your fitness and healthy goals. A personal trainer will give you accountability and advice day-to-day if needed. We will be your therapists, your nutrition experts, your comedian and like myself your musical genius in the gym every day if you let us. And the best part we love to do this, we chose this as our career and I think I can speak for all of my fellow personal trainers is our goal is we want to change lives. We want you to succeed. So why choose an online app that doesn’t really know you, or beat yourself up over some fitness model Instagram photos? Stop it all and come see me, Ish Fitness. Let’s have a talk, a real one.