Have you ever thought about what you would pay for good health? Can you tell me how much you spent last year in going to the doctor because you were unwell? What you spent at the pharmacy on medications? What if I told you that in reality most of us do not have a clue what those cost were last year, mainly because we are just use to paying them. We trust that we have good health insurance that will help cover those cost that occur when are health is not good.

What if I told you for people that are still struggling to make time to exercise a 2016 study from the American Heart Association from top researchers around the country found you can reduce health care costs $2,500 a year from getting active. The number includes annual savings of about $400 on prescription medicines and far fewer emergency room visits and hospitalizations for people who regularly exercised. Inactivity can cost you in other ways too, from how you are covered on insurance plans, loss pay from time off work, increased out-of-pocket spending and worse the study discovered a pandemic to chronic disease and early death.

Now before you flood the comment box I am not saying that all health care costs are not necessary, you will incur them no matter how healthy you are and yes you should see your doctor regularly. Some health problems are not because you as a person are unhealthy, you may need medication because it is the only option, but what I want you to think about and explore is that many health care costs can be avoided or minimized if you choose to treat your body right. Choose to get healthier and invest in that goal now to avoid the high potential costs of our future health care systems. If you are overweight or having health issues now than I could bargain that you are already feeling the pains of extra bills to the doctor or pharmacist. You most likely have already been told by a doctor that you should consider losing weight, get more exercise and lighten stress and pressures.

In order for all of us to avoid high healthcare costs we need to start by eating better. Eat a balance diet rich in lean protein, fruits and vegetables with a nutritious starch. Throw out the processed foods and eat from the ground. If it didn’t grow in the dirt, swim in water, or live then chuck it! Eat leafy greens, colorful fruits and veggies on each plate. Try to pay for the good stuff, organic when you can. Drink water. Invest is a reusable, sustainable water bottle and fill it up all day, every day.

Invest in your health by going to the gym or having more support with a personal trainer. If you can save $2,500 a year then invest it now in having someone like myself as a personal trainer help you get there. I often hear from my current clients that they thought paying for a personal trainer was going to be too expensive but they took a chance on me and found out that exercising, having accountability and following one of my custom meal plans made them feel better. I would argue and I hope you would agree that the average cost of personal training services far outweighed feeling like crap and always paying for health issues. Can you really afford not too?

If you want to learn more about my personal training services, custom meal plans and exercise routines reach out and giving me a call. Let’s meet and visit about how we can put you on the path to good health and invest in yourself.