Many people find working out to be a chore, a strain on their day, or even a task to just get through, check off the list and move on. Well I am here to tell you if this is you then you are doing it wrong. Do not just go to work out, go work out with a purpose. Do not just run through the motions, run through the sets with intent. Be determined and focused while you are working out. Successful and happier workout individuals have a goal and a game plan for their time in the gym and most importantly they found the love in their workout.

Since February is the month of love, I thought we could take a closer look at why some people we know love to workout and how with a few of my pointers you too can become one of them.

They only do workouts they love. This one is the most simple and truthful of all of the tips in this blog. People who love to workout simply have found the workouts they love to do and they are only doing those things. They realize they love to ride a bike on a trail close to their home at dusk or they love to run at the new track at work over lunch. Whatever the workout, they simple love it and continue to do it repeatedly.

They get to spend time with a friend. Life is hectic so setting time aside to be with our friends is important. If you do not love hitting the gym by yourself then find a buddy to come along. You can chat while you walk on the treadmill and support each other through tough reps. Set a time to meet up for a yoga class and you will not want to ditch your date. Don’t assume you do not know anyone that doesn’t want to get in shape or better their health right alongside of you but if you are finding it difficult to find your mate think about joining a group fitness class or sports league.

They do it for the instant fulfillment. It’s not uncommon to hear that people get an energy boost from working out. That they feel better, sleep better, which can lead to being overall happier. One way people are finding this gratification sooner rather than later is with tracking tools that instantly give them positive feedback for hitting a goal or target. You may even find that you are pushing yourself harder to get to a goal sooner. Some apps you can connect to other tracking tool users where you can engage in their success as well as they can engage in yours.

They realize they are worth it. I am not trying to get all sappy on you but why some people love to workout is that they find that they are worth it. They are worth the investment of a gym membership or personal training sessions. They find value in the time with themselves, with their friends or simply being able to rock out to their favorite jams on a run. They recognize sooner than some of us that we are stronger, happier when we invest in our health and in ourselves.

I encourage you to take a moment to realize what you love about your workouts or what you can do to love them more if you don’t. This is not an excuse to let up on your goals or say you are not going to do that extra rep because you don’t “love” it, but it is important to realize why you are doing it and find that love.