Your attitude about exercise might be just as important as the work out itself. We all know that not getting any exercise is bad for our health but here’s the deal, your thinking can be just as bad to you and those around you. A positive attitude provides a strong foundation for your workout. There are different types of negative attitudes that can be a detriment to your overall success. By understanding what to look for will help enable you to start to address them and hopefully in the long road correct them. Here are some of the top attitudes that I see every day and the ones I want you to recognize and leave at the door.

Body Positivity. I see my clients all the time critiquing their bodies negatively. I see you looking in that mirror making a face or hear you tell the person next to you that your thighs are too big. Have real body positivity, feed your body whole nourishing foods and keep up with your exercise routine.Love your body and do the right things for it. Give yourself a break on how you are looking because guess what we are all working on it.

Bad Day. Personal stuff, job-related stress, bills, car trouble, you name it, all of these can lead to having a bad day. We have all had them and it sucks, believe me I get it but when you bring that bad day into the gym, it is written all over your face. People that have had a bad day think, I am going to go to the gym to work it out and for some that can be a good thing if you come with a positive outlook. People that dwell on the bad day and come to work out are not going to get the workout they are hoping for or need. You may need that good workout but your mind has to be ready. Bringing a strong mental game will help you get over the hump.

Too Tired. Life is hectic and we are all busy running ragged but the I am “too tired” excuse to not work out or to not complete an exercise while working out is crap. My advice, knock it off. If you are feeling too sluggish or run down – go work out. As soon as you get up and get moving, you will feel better and more energized. If you are honestly struggling to complete a set and you are putting forth your best then that is ok. But I don’t buy it that you cannot complete the set because you are tired.

It’s Not Just About You. Now here is one that most people are so unaware of that they are doing and I would even take bets that most others that are being affected do not even realize it. Having a negative attitude affects others around you, even if you are not working out with them. It’s not just about you. You can bring down the whole atmosphere by coming with a bad attitude. How you ask? Lots of ways actually. Fellow workouters stop focusing on their workout and lose their focus by turning their attention on to you. Their minds start to wander and they start thinking badly as well. That comment about your thighs now has your workout neighbor thinking about their under arms. They may feel like they need to help you and in turn do not finish their full routine, etc. etc.

There is difficulty in mentally preparing your approach to working out but the first step is recognizing these different attitudes that can negatively affect your work out and the work out of others. Try to become more self aware and bring the essentials with you; a positive attitude. Leave all other stuff at the door.

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