When it comes to holidays our society tends to lean towards celebration overload but if you are following a healthy lifestyle and party with cocktails it can make us feel intense guilt when we overindulge. It should come as no surprise that alcohol can cause major havoc in our bodies especially if losing weight is on the agenda by causing our body to simulate our appetite, liquid calories usually equal empty calories and the food we eat while drinking causes our bodies to not properly absorb nutritional foods correctly. Knowing what we know, some of us still throw all caution to the wind and drink those fruity cocktails, beers and frozen delights. A solution when that next holiday gathering or party comes a calling, have a plan. Here are my suggestions on successful navigating situations where booze is involved so you sip smarter.

First, practice moderation. You can enjoy Grandma’s famous eggnog, or the themed cocktail of the evening if you practice moderation. Do not have the mindset that liquid calories don’t count. You need to me mindful of the serving size and how many you have. No one said it’s a race either. Sip slowly and savor, no gulping is needed.

Drink water between each alcoholic drink. This will keep you hydrated and slow your drinking. You do not need to announce to the room that you are having water. Simply use a colored glass that no one can see what is inside except you. At the end of day, you are your own person, you do not have to drink to have a good time or appease anyone but yourself.

Try to make healthier choices when you drink and swap out the sugary mixers for low-calorie or no-calorie options like using tonic water with lemon vs. premixed juices. Use low-fat milk vs. heavy cream for example. Recently we are seeing more organic alcohol options out in market now that you can buy. If you are heading to a celebration and you are not sure what is going to be served then be prepared and BYOB with your own healthier options (check out a few of my favorite healthier drink recipes below).

Holiday celebrations are a wonderful thing to share with family and friends. Keep the focus on them and why are you there, to share time and memories with the people we love. Have a great time but come prepared, have a plan and enjoy in moderation.

Healthy Drink Recipes:


1 shot rum or vodka

4 to 8 oz of water and ice

One drink packet of Crystal Light (any flavor)

Mix and enjoy!


1 shot of vodka

1 shot of Triple Sec (can omit)

Tropicana Trop50 Raspberry Lemonade (to fill a martini size glass)

Shake it all with ice and pour!


3 or 4 mint leaves

1 lime wedge

1 shot of white rum

1 serving diet lemon-lime soda

To prepare muddle mint leaves with white rum and the juice for your lime wedge. Muddling is lightly crushing the mint leaves without tearing them. Pour the muddled mixture into your glass filled with ice and top off with the diet soda.