Have you ever found yourself buying an expensive piece of clothing just to cover up your body? Or paying a pretty penny on an accessory to hide a body flaw? Maybe it’s the new fad miracle pill that will help you drop 2 dress sizes in just two weeks! Whatever the cost you are willing to give it a try or pay the bill so that you can hide or disguise what you do not like about your body, all the while you should be spending those hard earned dollars on your health.

It’s really a simple concept when you think about it. If you are going to spend the bank on covering the flaws then why not make an investment in your health instead? Skip the fancy clothes and too good to be true deals and invest in you. I have clients all the time comment about these exact scenarios so you are not alone! My client Emily is an example of a past offender of hiding behind fancy outfits and accessories but she made the switch and decided a few years ago to invest in her health and has transformed her body and lifestyle. Emily no longers spends top dollar on clothes, she actually buys inexpensive clothes and looks better in and working out in them.

The human body is an amazing organism that we need to take better care of. Buy a great pair of walking shoes and take yourself around the block. Invest in a personal training session to have a custom plan designed to target those flaws you would rather hide. Purchase whole, real foods at a local grocery store or farmers market and make quality meals that feed your body and soul at home. Skip the fast food and quick bites. Read food labels, if you do not understand half of the ingredients by name then put it back on the shelf. Another client Angela recently said to me that she would rather spend $60 on her weekly workouts than eating out on a weekly basis.

There are also ways that you do not need to spend a dime on your health. Drink water lots of it, get to bed and get a good night’s sleep, focus on good posture or mediate. All of these things are free and good for your health. These are just a few examples we can make every day to a better healthier you.

Investing in overall health is never a bad idea. It is absolutely the right purchase every time. You can not go wrong when you pay yourself. Living a long, healthy life is key to many of our happiness and overall good vibes. When you look and feel good, you won’t want to hide from the world all of you.