Having an expert alongside your healthy lifestyle journey as you work to achieve goals like building strength or losing weight can be a major benefit over signing up for a gym membership. Starting a new routine alone or with little to no training can lead to disappointing results. More people are discovering the benefits of personal training over signing the dotted line for a monthly or yearly gym membership.

Let’s talk advantages. Having a personal trainer that is focus on your personal health, knows every single detail of your diet, physical and mental state and can build a custom program for you. This helps you take out the guesswork on what you should be eating, how you should be working out and personal trainers can even work with your medical doctor if needed to understand any underlying conditions that need to be address and adjusted to make sure you are safe. Taking on workouts and eating plans of your own with no real knowledge or training can be risky and hazardous to your health. Would you let a person that read on book on aviation get into a cockpit and fly you around? I don’t think so! So why would you fly solo when working out? (pun intended).

People seem to think that joining a gym is a cheaper and better investment when in reality it is not. A gym only gives you access to the equipment, which I can bet you do not know what over half do or you have no idea how to use them properly. Personal trainers use every minute, heck every second to train you properly. Personal trainers are paid to effectively and efficiently use your time with you to reach your goals. Personal trainers can guide and lead you in the right direction, demonstrate workouts and correct you if you are doing a workout incorrectly. Personal trainers will answer any and every little question about your diet, exercises, techniques and more.

We all know that working out can also be tedious and you can lose interest quickly when the only motivation to get to the gym is you! Personal trainers push you to achieve optimal results by tracking your progress and encouraging you to push through all types of workouts thrown your way. Personal trainers are the cheerleaders, the drill sergeants, the counselors, you name it. The point is personal training offers you the benefit of working out side by side with someone that wants you to reach your goals.

Lastly, having a trainer can be expensive, so can a gym membership, but neither is more expensive than copays and doctor bills. Invest in your body now, help yourself prevent illness and costly medical bills down the road. Work to get off the meds and win back your health by investing in personal training. If you have any questions, reach out and ask.