Having a circuit training routine can be an effective and time-efficient way to combine cardio and weight training. Circuits or stations can comprise of strength training and cardio exercises with a mix between the two. There is little to no rest time in between the exercises so you can kick your metabolism into high gear, maximizing your time, results and much more. Below are some of the  reasons why I believe circuit training is the most effective workout that I preach and teach at Ish Fitness.

Better results with little time.

My job as a personal trainer is to be in the my gym 24/7 because it is my job and I love it, but it is ok that not everyone can spend hours, upon hours in the gym with me. Circuit training can be for the time crunched, busy individual that needs to be efficient and effective with their gym time. Circuit training allows you to set up as many and as few stations until your time runs out and you need to get on with your day.

Mix it up and challenge yourself.

Circuit training allows you to mix up your routine and have the best of both worlds; cardio and strength training while challenging your whole body. Combining intervals of cardio mixed with heavy weight lifting can be a serious, kick your arse workout! Incorporating stations that mixes these two workouts guarantees you will hit every muscle group for a whole body experience.

Focused routine.

Part of a good workout is getting to the gym and putting in the work, but a GREAT workout is coming into the gym focused, knowledgeable in what their workout is going to be and ready to kick butt. Circuit training can help you keep at task and not let the gym be a distraction where you wander around wondering which machine you should try to next.


Plain and simple, circuit training sends your metabolism into high gear in less time than traditional workouts like walking on a treadmill for a hour or reading a magazine while on a stationary bike. You can burn more calories in 20 minutes circuit training than you could with other single, more traditional routines. And there’s an added bonus, afterburn. After your circuit training workout is complete you can continue torching calories up to 48 hours after.

Stomp out the boredom.

Having a plan with a flexible format makes the workout options limitless and helps stomp out boredom in your routine. You can stick to one routine for a while or mix it up every time you go to the gym. Circuit training allows you to mix in several gym tools from old to new, cutting-edge ones like bosu or kettlebells. If your workout becomes tedious or you hit a plateau, circuit training can easily change it up and offer you a new routine anytime you want one.

Build lean muscle.

Last but not least, I believe that circuit training is the most effective workout to build lean muscle mass that burns fat the fastest giving you a tone, lean body that is strong. If you want to bulk up and pack on mass than circuit training isn’t the right workout routine for you.