Our intentions are always good. You probably didn’t start a new workout routine just for your health. You want to see consistent results. For you that might mean losing weight, firming up, or building strength but how do we get there? How much time do you need to put in before you can tell if it is working? We all mean to eat healthy and regularly exercise but a mindset that’s too aggressive or unrealistic can derail your progress.

Here are common mistakes I see day after day and what I think you should do about it.

  1. I am going to workout everyday this week for at least an hour.

For most to all people that is unrealistic and not necessary. Three to four solid workouts that have a combination of cardio and resistance training a week is enough especially if you are new to this. In order to see results you need to find a workout routine that focuses on where you want to see the most results. However, you need to have one of those sessions be a total body workout and remember to stay hydrated.

  1. I forgot _________ so I guess I won’t workout today.

Success doesn’t just happen. You need to have a plan so you don’t talk yourself out of working out because you forgot your shoes or other gear. Pack a spare gym bag and keep it in your car. That way you are always armed and ready to go or set a daily alarm along with your wake up one that reminds you to double check that gym bag to make sure you have everything. Sounds a little excessive? Do you want to see results or not?

  1. The diet and workout routines start Monday.

Why Monday? Why not right now after you are done reading this blog? People put off changing their lifestyle for that one last party with bad food and drinks, that one last cheat meal on the weekend. Your mindset is off and so start with something simple. Instead of an everyday grueling workout session, scale it down and promise yourself you will do 30 minutes of exercise three times this week before binge watching your favorite show. And instead of rolls and butter before a meal go for a starter salad. Little changes will soon grow once you can prove to yourself you can stick to the smaller ones.

If you want to see consistent results then set realistic expectations. We will all fall on our faces hundreds of times throughout our lives. If you fall off your diet or miss the gym, get back to it, don’t tell yourself you will start fresh tomorrow. At Ish Fitness I want to help you change your lifestyle, see consistent results with your eating and workout routines. Give me a call now, don’t wait until Monday. I am open 7 days a week and ready to help you right now.