Let me guess you want to lose weight quickly? You are ready to make some changes and want to see results fast. I get it I do, but I am here to tell you buckle up for a longer ride because there are no quick fixes that will allow long-term results that you really want.

It seems like everyday there is a new promise for fast weight loss results and as tempting as they may sound…. they just do not work. PERIOD. No joke, they may give you some limited results but the minute you fall off the plan or stop taking the pill that weight is going to come back and come back faster than you took it off. I am here to tell you that short-term weight loss promises can be downright dangerous and if you are committed to truly getting your health on track then put the blinders on and let us work together to setup a routine for diet and exercise that is proven to be not only healthy but work.

First let’s talk about why quick fixes do not work. Liquid diets are a great first example of a bad idea, the purpose of the diet is to replace a meal with a liquid. Not a snack, a meal. People can start to lose quickly on very low-calorie liquid diets, but weight gain is extremely common once the dieter doesn’t continue the plan. If you think about it this makes sense because drinking our meals doesn’t foster a healthy eating habit which is key to any healthy lifestyle change which is necessary for a successful plan.

The magic pills. There are supplements that are recommended to help make sure our bodies are getting the proper balance of nutrition that I am happy to discuss but a pill claiming that you will lose weight is downright dangerous. Pills that claim that you will burn fat and the weight will fall off can contain questionable ingredients that may do more harm than good. A lot of these fat burning pills contain caffeine. Although limited amounts of caffeine are safe and may help promote fat loss and physical performance these pills can contain other substances that may cause dangerous side effects. Can you pronounce all the names of those ingredients or even know what they are? Do yourselves a favor and have caffeine in natural forms like green tea or coffee. There is no reason to over do it so consume in moderation.

There are a lot of fad or crash diets out there and in this new year you may want to jump on that bandwagon but before you do let me tell you why that is a bad idea, actually a horrible one. Fad diets are not well-balanced, nutritious or even based on science. Most are low calories that are extremely hard to sustain long-term. Low calorie can certainly burn the fat but once you cannot do it anymore because you are starving you will lose control and spiral. Calorie restriction can not only lead to rapid weight loss but what about loss of muscle mass? Muscle is needed to burn fat, so why would you want to lose the best tool in the arsenal to achieve that goal?

Overall, bottom line is many diet plans claim you can lose weight quickly but quick fixes can lead to you gaining more weight back when one falls off these strict plans that are needed to even reach limited success. There are serious health concerns when limiting intake of healthy food or taking a pill that you do not even know what the ingredient list is or means. The only solution is to follow a well-balanced meal plan for a healthier lifestyle change that works for you and that you can stick with long-term. Look, the weight did not come on overnight so why do we expect it to come off faster than it came on? I hate to be the truth teller here but it takes time, it takes commitment, it takes a solid, healthy meal plan along with hard work in the gym.

I am here to help. I want you to reach your goals and I want you to feel awesome in 2018, so give me a call let’s chat, discuss your goals and get you started in a healthier routine both in the gym and the foods you eat.

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