It’s the holidays and stress can be around every corner with family gatherings, fighting traffic and crowd-filled malls. It can be really tempting to throw the workouts aside with the promise to start up in the new year but research shows that when regular exercise stops de-training can happen within weeks. If you are time-crunched it is better to reduce time of a session or cut back one workout a week, but stopping altogether you can lose what you have worked so hard to accomplish. Maintain the momentum of regular exercise vs. fighting to gain it back after stopping. Exercise is a valuable tool to get through stresses this time a year. Here are four reasons to why that statement is very true this time of year.

Holiday weight gain. Plain and simple. This is high-risk time folks and exercise is crucial to combat weight gain by fighting back with high intensity calorie-torching workouts.

Holiday stress. From frequent visitors, shopping, food preparing, managing finances can all lead to increased stress. Exercise helps release mood-improving hormones, reduces anxiety and release a sense accomplishment.

Structure. Exercise can help create balance and structure that holidays can pull you away from the daily routine, but keeping your workouts the same as possible provides much needed structure. Maintaining your exercise routine helps keep you accountable in areas like staying on track with your diet.

Seasonal Disorders. We start to lose daylight quickly during this time of year and that can lead to varying degrees of seasonal disorders like depression. Exercise is known to elevate mood and help reduce the symptoms of depression.

This time of year can be challenging with keeping on track with diet and exercise but at Ish Fitness I can help you be accountable. With flexible, 7 days a week personal training I can fit into your busy holiday schedule. Call now to setup a free consult and let me help you tackle this holiday season like a pro!

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