There is no magic bullet to keeping healthy but when it comes to drinking water there are plenty of reasons to do it and do it often. We have been told over the years to drink at least eight full glasses of water, there has been research to suggest it should be more, there has even been recent research to suggest you can do less, so why do we need to hydrate? Plenty of reasons not only in your workouts but also in your daily life.


Simply put if you output more than you input in the form of water or fluids your body dehydrates and while exercising you output more in the form of sweat. You need to increase your input and below are some the reasons why and how you can do it.


  • Drinking Water Helps Maintain Balance within Your Body. The human body is made up of 60% water. Good health can depend on good hydration when you involve key aspects of how our body functions. Hydration helps aid things like digestion, the transportation and absorption of nutrients, good circulation, all keys to better health.


    • Make it a game. Challenge your coworkers, your family or your gym partners to up their water intake. Create a daily/weekly water intake goal, once the winner is declared they get to challenge the other teammates to a one minute plank or a chair sit. Or it’s a quarter every 5 ounces over from each teammate to the winner.


  • Water Can Help You Control Calories. Drinking water is a weight loss strategy. There is no magical bullet that if you increase your water intake calories are just going to fall off your body but if you are substituting it for higher calories sodas, juices, and alcohols then you are not consuming meaningless calories which can help aid weight loss. Another plus, food with high water content usually requires more chewing and longer absorption times which can help you stay fuller longer.


    • Make the switch. If weight loss is your goal then kill the soda addictions and add in more water in its place. Increase water-rich foods into your diet like fruits, vegetables, and broth-based soups.


  • Water Helps You Exercise. You read that right. Water is a key component to any workout. If your body is dehydrated or simply not hydrated enough, muscle cells do not perform and your workout can suffer because of it. I recommend that you start your workout by drinking water, you drink water while you are working out in regular intervals, and you drink after your workout to maintain.


    • Purchase a special water bottle or cup to keep track of your intake. One with measurements on the side can help you add up how much you are taking in daily. Make it a bright, fun color that you really love so when you see it you will use it. And it does not need to be some ginormous jug you are lugging around, make it refillable and easy to commute with.


The point is that water is essential to your health and there are several ways to up your water intake. These are just a few reasons why you need to do it and suggestions to get you started. So pick up that water bottle or cup and take a nice long healthy drink.


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